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Newest book, Exquisite Monsters, came out in May of 2015. Read about it here.

Earlier Books:

Cover of Types of Canadian Women

Types of Canadian Women and of Women Who Are or Have Been Connected with Canada, Volume II

Gaspereau Press | 2006 | $19.95 CAN | $17.95 US | 1-55447-022-6 | Poetry | Trade paper | 128 pages

Types of Canadian Women is a fantastical rewriting, in poetry and prose, of a 1903 biographical dictionary “of Women Who Are or Have Been Connected with Canada.” Intriguing details from the biographies of little-known women are blown out of proportion, and the women tell the stories of their own larger-than-life exploits. The book is illustrated with historical photographs of women from Canadian archives and from the author’s own collection. Types of Canadian Women was published by Gaspereau Press in Fall 2006. It was shortlisted for the Pat Lowther Award (for best poetry book of the year by a Canadian woman) and for the ReLit Award (poetry category).

Tintype of three women, two of whom appear to be twins.

The frontispiece from Types of Canadian Women. Tintype photograph from author’s collection.

The book was also published as a limited edition hardcover in 2007.

Press hints at the complexities of inner lives with great economy, writing adeptly of struggle, sadness and sometimes happiness, with a fine ear and a conviction that these women haunt us. – This Magazine

Press is delightfully irreverent, her writing laced with irony and wit. … Press handles tone beautifully, slipping dark and disturbing pieces between the lighter bits; their effect is all the more unsettling for the contrast. It’s an ancient format, instruction through delight, but it remains resilient. – Quill & Quire

Types of Canadian Women is [an] individual project, having less to do with history as such (revisioned or otherwise), and more to do with a kind of impenetrable and straight-faced weirdness, the distance and fascination of cryptic old images, the strangeness of imagining others. –

…wondrous and unclassifiable… – John K. Samson, quoted in the Winnipeg Free Press



Gaspereau Press | Released 1 September 2004 | Poetry | $18.95 CAN | $15.95 US | 1894031903 | Trade paperback

In her second collection of poems, K.I. Press reflects on a great love of books and fictional characters, and of reading, printing and typography. Her poetry takes existing texts to thrilling heights, bringing Alice in Wonderland alongside Jane Eyre and the Bible.

Spine was shortlisted by the League of Canadian Poets for the 2005 Pat Lowther Memorial Award for the year’s best book of poetry by a Canadian woman.

[Press’s] ultra-clear diction and satirical reading-twixt-lines recall Margaret Atwood, but Press has more whimsy and less menace.George Elliott Clarke, Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Throughout the collection, Press expresses something of the complicated relationship with books that every reader experiences – namely, that the need to read is always shaded by the suspicion that reading is simply another form of escape from living. – Quill & Quire

Press’s Spine displays a poet serious about her craft. – Books in Canada


Pale Red Footprints

Pedlar Press | Released 22 November 2001 | Poetry | $18.95 CAN |0968652239 | Trade paperback

In her debut collection, K.I. Press turns the story of her French-Canadian grandfather’s life into a kind of “novel-in-poems” set in northern Ontario, northern Alberta, and the southwestern US. The poet’s questions about identity, belonging and choice weave in and out of the narrative. The book won an Alcuin citation for book design.

…a polished debut…[There] is little doubt that the most marked footprints Press leaves are pressed in poetry. – Quill & Quire


Selected print periodicals and anthologies in which K.I. Press’s poetry, fiction, and non-fiction have appeared:

  • GUSH: Menstrual Manifestos for Our Times (Frontenac House)
  • Rogue Stimulus: The Stephen Harper Anthology for a Prorogued Parliament (Mansfield Press)
  • Gaspereau Gloriatur: book of the blessed tenth year. Volume I: Poetry (Gaspereau Press)
  • Kristjana Gunnars: Essays on Her Works (Guernica Editions)
  • Re-constructing the fragments of Michael Ondaatje’s works/La diversité déconstruite et reconstruite de l’oeuvre de Michael Ondaatje (University Press of the Sorbonne)
  • Prairie Fire
  • Geist
  • PN Review
  • The New Quarterly
  • Grain
  • The Beloit Poetry Journal
  • Descant
  • Canadian Literature
  • PRISM international
  • Arc Poetry Magazine
  • Other Voices
  • sub-Terrain
  • CV2

K.I. Press also published the poetry chapbook FLAME with above/ground press.