iDEATH: Richard Brautigan and Steve Jobs

by kipress

It turns out that the narrator of Richard Brautigan’s prescient 1968 masterpiece In Watermelon Sugar was Steve Jobs. To whit:


It was about dark when I arrived at iDEATH. The two evening stars were now shining side by side. The smaller one had moved over to the big one. They were very close now, almost touching, and then they went together and became one very large star.

I don’t know if things like that are fair or not.

Too soon? You should have seen the Jack Layton/Yoda joke I stopped myself from posting a while back.

I found a few people online who’ve mused about iDEATH’s connection to Apple, but I’ve always been surprised it hasn’t been commented on more. Maybe Apple-devotee nerdiness and Brautigan-reading nerdiness do not often go hand-in-hand.