Thin Air Campus Program at Red River College

by kipress

This year’s Thin Air events at Red River College feature a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker–by which I mean a fiction writer, a non-fiction writer, and a poet, but multi-talented all. I probably shouldn’t have called anyone a butcher. Visit for the complete festival program. All are welcome!

The Campus Program at Red River College Roblin Centre at the Exchange District Campus, 160 Princess Street

Tuesday, September 20, 11:00 am – noon
CGA Manitoba Room, P107
READING: Lynn Coady
Lynn Coady’s signature wit and insight power her new novel, The Antagonist, a narrative of a young man struggling to define himself against the expectations of others.

Thursday, September 22, 11:00 am – noon
CGA Manitoba Room, P107
READING: Glen Downie
Glen Downie has a way of making familiar things—like the tool shed and the local mall—surprisingly fresh in his most recent poetry collection, Local News.

Friday, September 23, 11:00 am – noon
CGA Manitoba Room, P107
READING: Myrl Coulter
In The House with the Broken Two, Myrl Coulter explores the changing dynamics of adoption through her own experience of losing and finding her first-born son.