Waning of Summer Means Retreating Further and Further Onto Internet

by kipress

Okay, summer isn’t quite waning yet. But I feel work beckoning from the other end. Instead of actually working, I decided to “work” on my web presence, such as it is; this after a summer of largely avoiding on-linedom. The following has been accomplished:

    gave in and created new homepage using the trendy flavors.me service (you can check that out at kipress.ca)

Let me know what you think, especially about the homepage.

Further, I updated my “about” blurb here at The Press Gallery. You see, I’ve found that I love Tumblr. I do intend to keep up randomly spaced somewhat work-related posts here, but my heart is really over there–you’ll find short snippets of my arty-farty stuff (in both amateur and professional capacities) and links to the same. I can feel myself breathing a sigh of cyber-relief whenever I post there.

Not to dis WordPress–I love the platform, which allows you, if you want, to build something that looks like a “website” using a free blogging tool. But I find that I just wanted to eliminate a bit of complicated and long-winded from my life. It eats into precious time that I could be WORKING ON MY BOOK. Which I ought to go do now. Time is ticking away. But wait!

One more note while I’m on the things-I-did-electronically-this-summer topic. I also tried, with my new iPad 2, to see how much I could ditch the laptop and go all iPaddy. It only sort-of works. iPad simply doesn’t have the functionality for some things I need. One page document, easy to work on in Pages on iPad; 65-page document, not so much. The biggest obstacle is that my workflow, for a lot of things, requires having multiple windows open for comparison and frequent cut/paste. I can only do that on a proper computer, at present, though there are some apps that are working on it.

One thing I love about iPad is how I can write on it with my finger/stylus. It’s really helped with the random-pieces-of-scrap-paper-in-my-purse-with-notes-and-lists-written-on-them problem. And hey, I can mark up documents that way, thus eliminating having to print them out and mark them up (because there are lots of times I just have to do that), right? Wrong. Once I’ve loaded the PDF and marked it up, how do I enter the changes back in the original document? Only with two open windows, mate. So that idea SO does not work.

I have hopes for the new iOS this fall; maybe the easy switching between apps will help. On the other hand, I’m also salivating over the new OS (what are they calling it this time? meercat?) because of the “versions” feature, since I work on documents that go through 10, 12, 20 drafts over the course of their lives. It’s tough to remember to save a history of all of them.

Maybe I’ll expound on more of my favourite iPad apps in a while. Or maybe not. Book.

And painting the front porch. It’s still summer.