GEC, Readings, Opportunities and Miscellany

by kipress

Lazy Miscellaneous Post Alert!

CreCommers Reading

Amanda Hope of The Hope Files is organizing an all-CreComm reading over at Aqua Books at 4 pm, Saturday, Feb. 26. Sign up to read if you haven’t already! Talk to Amanda. And if you don’t want to read, come out to support everyone–a lot of the readers will be CreCommers just finishing their Creative Writing IPPs. And I’m told the bar will be open. (But don’t blame me if something goes wrong and it’s actually not.)

Mondo!Clarke still on

There’s still time to catch GEC! That’s George Elliott Clarke, and anyone who took CanLit from me or Chris Petty this year will be well aware of the man behind George and Rue. It’s all GEC all the time this week at Aqua Books during the Mondo!Clarke festival. Events you can still catch include GEC as the guest Friday night at Kelly Hughes Live!, a screening of GEC-penned film One Heart Broken Into Song (Clément Virgo, 1999) Saturday afternoon, and the Winnipeg Talking Radio Orchestra rendition of GEC’s opera
Beatrice Chancy Saturday night.

Readings Thanks

Many thanks to Julie Wilson, Jason Booth, Matt Duggan, Greg Berg, and everyone who helped out with the Julie Wilson and Matt Duggan visits earlier this month. Check out the first-year CreComm reactions on their blogs, via the CreComm Blog Network.

Two Reposts

Something I’ve been asked to repost: still space in Myrna Kostash’s creative non-fiction class at the CMU School of Writing this May.

Second repost is this opportunity from the Writers’ Collective: they’re looking for a Program Coordinator.

The Gemini Unjournal

This year’s installment of The Gemini Unjournal is now on. February to April, my Advanced Creative Writing class gives you a peek into the workshop by choosing each others’ writing to post with a brief introduction. Last year’s posts are also still up.

I’m sure I had more things on my list, but that’s lots for one lazy post. Have a good Reading Week!