Sigh for the end of summer

by kipress

I wrote and posted this on the last day of The May Day Poetry Project this year, but I think it bears reposting here to herald the end of summer. It takes on a few new meanings at this time of year.

The poem’s a bit of a short-liner, which I don’t always like, but I thought it worked here.

Onward, and see you in school.

Petering Out

Going out, like Peter, humbly,
not exactly petrified but
stone-faced at least,
solemn as the spring
drowns in its sorrows
its lost weekends, its standing
pools filling with exponential eggs
hatching bloodlust.
I prepare to be drained,
by decadent caesars
and not enough summer
to avoid knowing
how it ends.

Saint Peter

I sure hope I'm not late for my first class.