Heather Robertson deadline extended

by kipress

….yet again. New deadline to register a claim is March 30.

Information on the case here.

If you haven’t heard of the case before, to sum up:

In the days after periodical articles started being stored in databases, but before publications started making writers sign far-reaching contracts saying that they could do anything they liked with their work, there existed a nether-region wherein publishers placed articles in databases without the permission of the author/copyright holder. Hence the Heather Robertson case: a class action suit filed by writer Heather Robertson.

A lot has been made of this suit to freelance writers, but I’ve noticed there are many, many scholarly journals on the lists of affected publications (available on the site I linked to above). I knew that freelance work I did in papers in recent years—such as in the Winnipeg Free Press—would have been covered by a contract in which I licensed by work to be used in such databases. But scholarly writing I did back in grad school, in the ’90s? Unlikely that I signed such a contract. I certainly don’t have any on file.

So I filed a tiny claim here. If you were publishing anything back in the ’90s, you should have a look.