by kipress

Do you have it in you to hammer off a poem about the prorogation of parliament? The Mansfield Press is putting out an instant poetry anthology on the matter. They plan to publish it right around when parliament reconvenes in March. And they need your poems. Fast. As in by Tuesday.

I’m gonna do it! Here’s my first draft:

A Rogue by Any Other Name

o dark harlequin rogue
loins lightly sheepskin sheathed
offcover ripplefan applying tumescent hairlights
to your tanned piratical figulature

rogues hijack ships of otherwise and state
lollygag in pectoral splendilature
recline with olympic grapes and afghan poppies
call on hey morpheus to sillygag the populature

who may they hope heave laden sighs of chatterlessness

but a rogue is a rogue is a rogue
he leaves the bonnie bit of harlequin tart for tartier
and, forever interruptus,
dumps her salty, wet, abandoned on the flaccid ocean,
casting her fickle distaste

I’m having trouble with the ending (I always do). Think it’ll pass instant anthology muster? (Spellcheck sure doesn’t like it much.)