There’s something about The Simpsons

by kipress

Okay, just one more thing before bed. I have to post this from More Intelligent Life (see last post, below). It’s an article about The Simpsons being the new Disney. I can justify posting it ’cause there’s a big bit in the middle about the writers.

I’m quite attached to classic Simpsons–the first season premiered the same fall I entered high school. I remember the morning radio in the car on the way to school playing “The Bart Man” with incredible frequency. Favourite episodes: the Monorail episode, of course, but also the one where Lisa sabotages the other smart girl’s diorama–not for the main plot, but for the sub-plot where Homer steals a truckload of sugar. “A mountain of sugar is too much for one man.” Who’s with me?

I’ll leave now.